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they claim it will damage the environment and contribute to global warming. >>> back to the weather now and a live look over the national mall where all of the smithsonian museums but one will be closed tomorrow because of the snow. the air and space museum will keep doors open. all the other museums and the national zoo will be closed. >>> president obama is scheduled to meet tomorrow with israeli prim minister lead by the u.s. and secretary of state john kerry. there will be no votes in the house or senate because of the snow. >>> with the big winter storm developing overnight, it's hard to believe where we were just 12 hours ago on the national mall, i mean, people walking, riding bikes, jogging. look, the temperatures were in the 50s, so we saw folks out in shorts, t-shirts, some broke out theites. we talked to one jogger who says she is done with this roller coaster winter. >> it's been crazy like one day you can be outside in shorts and sunny and two days later icy and snowy and miserable. not too fun. >> you know what happens when you try to get off the roller coaster before the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1